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DWI is the most common arrest police officers make. Getting arrested for DWI does not mean you will be convicted. You may not lose your driver’s license.  Fort Worth DWI Lawyer Mitch Miers has spent years defending the accused in all types of DWI cases.  Call Ft. Worth DWI attorney Mitch Miers and let The Miers Law Firm show you the truth from the fiction. Learn more:

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Criminal Defense

Arrested for possession, theft, assault, or another offense? Fort Worth Criminal Defense Lawyer Mitch Miers has worked all types of cases as a criminal defense attorney.  A criminal conviction can affect your career, your relationships, your life.  No matter the issue, let The Miers Firm be your Fort Worth criminal defense attorney and put you in the best position to move forward. If you are looking to fight a charge, call now. Learn more:

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Family Law

Fort Worth Divorce and Family law attorney Mitch Miers can help with divorce, child support, custody/visitation issues, and adoptions.  We can also handle protective orders and other issues in the family code including juvenile issues.   Family law is changing rapidly and The Miers Law Firm will fight for what you deserve in a divorce or other family law issue. Learn more about Divorce and Family Law lawyer Mitch Miers.  Learn more:

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Miers Law Firm is experienced in our areas of practice. As a Fort Worth DWI Lawyer, Fort Worth Criminal Defense Attorney, or Ft. Worth Divorce and Family Law Lawyer, we aim to solve your legal problems and give you peace of mind.


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Uber Effect on DWI Non-Existent in Austin’s First Weekend Without Ride Sharing

Uber Effect on DWI Non-Existent in Austin’s First Weekend Without Ride Sharing   Uber and Lyft, the app-based ride-sharing services have become quite popular for people who either don’t use taxi’s or public transportation due to convenience or lack of service.  They are easy to use and the prices are usually much better than the traditional means of acquiring transportation.  So popular that there is a so-called Uber effect on the way we get around.  Among other facets of life, there has been deemed an Uber effect on DWI.  Basically, as the theory goes, Uber is easy, cheap, and taking intoxicated drivers off of the road by being a very desirable alternative to a taxi (or a police car). With there being some issues of a criminal nature concerning Uber drivers (and Lyft, but I’m going to say Uber throughout) cities have started new attempts to regulate these drivers.  The big sticking point in Austin is fingerprint based background checks.  Really shouldn’t be an issue but it is.  Uber said that they would pull out of Austin and basically that would spell trouble because of the Uber effect on DWI. Well, they left Austin and last weekend was the first weekend without ride-sharing programs.  So, what are the results?  Is there an Uber effect on DWI?  Answer, in preliminary results, would suggest….no. Last year during the weekend of May 15-17, Austin police arrested 50 people for DWI and 46 on the weekend before that.  This year, they arrested 50 people for DWI and 44 on the weekend before.  Numbers are steady.  However, as the police stated in an Austin... read more

AAA Question Validity of DWI Tests for Marijuana

DWI and Criminal Defense Lawyer have been trying to get the public’s attention about the arbitrary and unreliable methods for testing whether a driver is impaired.  While this is regarding marijuana, it’s a start.  AAA has come out to scrutinize testing and it is hitting the national news as I saw the report on NBC’s TODAY SHOW.  Below is the article from AZ Central.   WASHINGTON — Motorists are being convicted of driving under the influence of marijuana based on arbitrary state standards that have no connection to whether the driver was actually impaired, says a study by the nation’s largest auto club. The problem is only growing as more states contemplate legalizing the drug. At least three, and possibly as many as 11 states, will vote this fall on ballot measures to legalize marijuana for medicinal or recreational use, or both. Legislation to legalize the drug has also been introduced in a half dozen states. Currently, six states where medical or recreational marijuana use is legal — Colorado, Montana, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Washington — have set specific limits for THC, the chemical in marijuana that makes people high, in drivers’ blood. But the study by AAA’s safety foundation says the limits have no scientific basis and can result in innocent drivers being convicted, and guilty drivers being released. “There is understandably a strong desire by both lawmakers and the public to create legal limits for marijuana impairment in the same manner we do alcohol,” said Marshall Doney, AAA’s president and CEO. “In the case of marijuana, this approach is flawed and not supported by scientific research.” The Arizona... read more

Emotional Aspects of Divorce

Another great article.  Whether going though divorce or custody issue, this may help explain what you are dealing with. Psychological and Emotional Aspects of Divorce   by Kathleen O’Connell Corcoran June 1997 This article summarizes many of the common psychological and emotional effects divorce has on men, women and children. The divorce rate in the United States is the highest in the world. Over fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. Welcome to the majority. Divorce Effects and Prevalence B. Effects of Divorce on Children C. Emotional Stages of Divorce D. Typical Reactions of Children to Divorce E. Signs of Stress in Children Divorce Effects and Prevalence It may be helpful to understand a little about divorce and the typical effects it has on men, women and children. The divorce rate in the United States is the highest in the world. Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. Sixty-seven percent of all second marriages end in divorce. As high as these figures are, what is also true is that the divorce rate appears to be dropping. The reasons for this change are not clear. Many people cannot afford to divorce, many people cannot afford to marry. Another reason is that “baby boomers,” who account for a large proportion of our population are no longer in their 20s and 30s, the ages when divorce is most prevalent. The societal expectation is that divorced life is less satisfying than married life. Divorce is associated with an increase in depression–people experience loss of partner, hopes and dreams, and lifestyle. The financial reality of divorce is often hard to comprehend: the same resources must... read more

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