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DWI is the most common arrest police officers make. Getting arrested for DWI does not mean you will be convicted. You may not lose your driver’s license.  Fort Worth DWI Lawyer Mitch Miers has spent years defending the accused in all types of DWI cases.  Call Ft. Worth DWI attorney Mitch Miers and let The Miers Law Firm show you the truth from the fiction. Learn more:

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Criminal Defense

Arrested for possession, theft, assault, or another offense? Fort Worth Criminal Defense Lawyer Mitch Miers has worked all types of cases as a criminal defense attorney.  A criminal conviction can affect your career, your relationships, your life.  No matter the issue, let The Miers Firm be your Fort Worth criminal defense attorney and put you in the best position to move forward. If you are looking to fight a charge, call now. Learn more:

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Family Law

Fort Worth Divorce and Family law attorney Mitch Miers can help with divorce, child support, custody/visitation issues, and adoptions.  We can also handle protective orders and other issues in the family code including juvenile issues.   Family law is changing rapidly and The Miers Law Firm will fight for what you deserve in a divorce or other family law issue. Learn more about Divorce and Family Law lawyer Mitch Miers.  Learn more:

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We take the time to explain your case options and answer all questions you have. You’ll never feel rushed.  Our phones are monitored 24 hours a day so that an attorney is within reach.  We can walk you through your DWI, criminal defense, or family law issues.  At the Miers Law Firm, clients are our focus.


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Need an affordable lawyer?  You should be able to have experienced representation.  We understand that most legal expenses are unexpected and offer payment plans that are convenient for you.  We want to resolve your case in the best way for you without great expense.


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Miers Law Firm is experienced in our areas of practice. As a Fort Worth DWI Lawyer, Fort Worth Criminal Defense Attorney, or Ft. Worth Divorce and Family Law Lawyer, we aim to solve your legal problems and give you peace of mind.


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Fort Worth DWI Lawyer & Fort Worth Criminal Defense Attorney Blog

What To Do If Pulled Over for DWI

WHAT TO DO IF PULLED OVER FOR DWI As we have hit the first day of summer and the 4th of July is just around the corner, I thought it was good to post some knowledge of what one should do if pulled over for DWI.  There are also great checkpoint videos on youtube.  In Texas, sobriety checkpoints are illegal, but that doesn’t stop some law enforcement from thinking that a driver’s license checkpoint in an area filled with bars at 2am is not a de facto sobriety checkpoint.  On to the tips: 1. Pull Over Immediately Of course, wait for a safe place to pull over, but don’t delay.  Some cops will think you must be intoxicated because it took you so long to pull over and question why you didn’t pull over three blocks back.  Other cops might try and slap you with an evading arrest charge, which would be a felony, in addition to a DWI. 2. Don’t Get Out of the Car Until The Officer Tells You You may think this is unjust, but don’t jump out of your car and start pleading your case.  This is not the time.  I often have clients ask if they have to get out of the car.  If you don’t, they will pull you out and that won’t look good to a jury if we have to go there on a DWI case. 3. Be Nice Nobody, not the police, not the prosecutor, and not a jury, will help someone who is a jerk.  You might need some favors in a DWI case.  Be someone that anyone would help.... read more

Probation Do’s and Don’t’s

Probation Do’s and Don’t’s Many people end up on probation and of those who do each year, many have never been involved in the criminal justice system.  I get a number of calls regarding probation revocations and have seen many get revoked for stupid, irresponsible behavior. Sample case:  Client comes to me with a new DWI.  She had been a 4 year probation for a burglary in which she received deferred adjudication probation.  Client was in early 20’s and was on the 6th year of the 4 year probation.That means if she completes probation successfully, there will be no conviction on her record.  Client was in early 20’s and was on the 6th year of the 4 year probation.  How does that happen?  She needed to complete 40 hours of community service and did not so the judge extended probation for a year.  After year 5, community service hours still not done, so he extends for a year.  It was in year 6 that she was arrested for DWI.  This case, by the way, was a felony.  Client was in early 20’s.  Full disclosure: I did not handle the revocation case.   What happened is with the new arrest, the judge had enough and revoked the probation.  All she had to do was 40 hours of community service and had 5+ years to do so.  She didn’t and went to the state pen for a couple of years. First thing, do your requirements and do them quickly.  If you get a DWI, you have a DWI education class or DWI repeat offender class to complete if not your first... read more

Child Support Amnesty Project Great Start for ND, Can Texas Do It?

Child Support Amnesty Project Great Start for ND, Can Texas Do It?   North Dakota announced an amnesty program for past due child support which, to me, sounded better in headline then in actuality, but reality had to kick in.   There obviously can’t be any kind of forgiveness as no one owed child support will forgive child support payment arrears.  You’re dreaming if you think your ex would do something along those lines.  But while forgiveness of child support payments is out of the question, there are some good points to the program. If a North Dakota citizen enters into the child support amnesty program, they will get credit toward past due paid and will get any license suspensions dropped.  It sounds like a good idea.  At least someone is trying to do something.  But the reality is that this, like other amnesty programs like the Texas DWI Surcharge Amnesty program, is a public relations gimmick that really isn’t going to solve anything. To solve the problems of arrears, real legislative changes are necessary.  For example, eliminate arrears prior to DNA test where the father doesn’t meet presumptive status.  That would probably end a substantial amount of arrears.  I also find that taking away a driver’s license is counterintuitive to getting money since most need a license to get to work or to simply be employed.  A lot of the punitive measures are a bit of cutting off one’s nose to spite their face.  It’s time for a change and at least one state is thinking about... read more

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