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Family Law

Fort Worth Family Law Attorney and Divorce Lawyer Mitch Miers can help with divorce, child support, custody/visitation issues, and adoptions.  We can also handle protective orders and other issues in the family code including juvenile issues.   Family law is changing rapidly and The Miers Law Firm will fight for what you deserve in a divorce or other family law issue. Learn more about Divorce and Family Law attorney Mitch Miers.  Learn more:

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DWI is the most common arrest police officers make and not all stops are lawful. Getting arrested for DWI does not mean you will be convicted. If you are looking for a Dallas or Fort Worth DWI Lawyer, they can help you through the process.  Furthermore, you may not even lose your driver’s license.  Consulting with a DWI lawyer can separate fact from fiction.  Fort Worth DWI Lawyer Mitch Miers has spent years defending the accused in all types of DWI cases including breath and blood cases.  Call Ft. Worth DWI attorney Mitch Miers and let The Miers Law Firm guide you through the legal system. Learn more:

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Criminal Defense

Arrested for possession, theft, assault, or another offense? Fort Worth Criminal Defense Lawyer Mitch Miers has worked all types of cases as a criminal defense attorney.  A criminal conviction can affect your career, your relationships, your life.  No matter the issue, let The Miers Firm be your Fort Worth criminal defense attorney and put you in the best position to move forward. If you are looking to fight a charge and are in need of a criminal defense lawyer, call Miers Law now. Learn more:

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Clients are the focus of Miers Law Firm.  Mitch Miers takes the time to explain your case options and answer all questions you have. You will never be rushed in speaking with our personnel.  Miers Law phones are monitored 24 hours a day so that an attorney is within reach.  We can walk you through your family law, DWI, or criminal defense issues.  At the Miers Law Firm, our clients have our attention.


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Need an affordable lawyer?  Cost should not be a barrier to quality legal representation.  You should be able to have an experienced lawyer.  Miers Law understands that most legal expenses are unexpected and offers payment plans that are convenient for you.  We want to resolve your case in the best way for you without great expense.


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Miers Law Firm is experienced in our areas of practice. As a Fort Worth DWI Lawyer, Fort Worth Criminal Defense Attorney, or Ft. Worth Divorce and Family Law Lawyer, we aim to solve your legal problems and give you peace of mind.


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Fort Worth Family Law & Criminal Defense Attorney Blog

Mandatory Breath Testing Is a Test of Civil Liberties

Mandatory Breath Testing Is a Test of Civil Liberties Some would say that we already have mandatory breath testing in Texas, since your license can be suspended if you refuse to take a breath test once arrested for DWI.  In reality, we don’t, but it’s not for lack of trying.  There have been attempts to criminalize the refusal of a specimen test.  Doing so creates a slippery slope.  In Canada, the same situation is occurring and the following article presents some strong points.   Mandatory breath testing is an extraordinary police power Drunk driving is a real issue that we should all be concerned about. But we should be equally concerned about handing over drastic new powers to police.   By ROB DE LUCA Wed., Oct. 4, 2017   One of the cornerstones of the government’s efforts to legalize marijuana is a bill intended to provide Canada with some of the strictest impaired-driving laws in the world. Remarkably, the most significant provision in Bill C-46, the government’s new impaired driving legislation, has nothing to do with marijuana legalization at all. Bill C-46 would remove the current requirement — a critical limit to police powers — that police have a reasonable suspicion a driver has been drinking alcohol before demanding a breath sample. Under the new provision, any lawful police stop of a vehicle, no matter how trivial, would be sufficient cause to demand that a driver blow into a breathalyzer. License, registration, and blow. Even more remarkable, however, is the government’s decision to introduce such an intrusive police power at a time when police services are struggling to address... read more

Is Sleep Driving Equal to DWI?

I have handled a number of people in the past who were on Ambien or the like and didn’t have control of their faculties but were “sleep driving” and got arrested for DWI because it was medication that made them do it or whatever the argument was….

read more

Is the Political Climate Fueling Divorces?

Is The Political Climate Fueling Divorces? Sharing this article from FITS.  I know of a great number of people that have changed their relationship with others on social media due to the events leading up to and resulting from the last election, but I really haven’t heard of it fueling divorces.  I tend to think in this day and age it is harder to be married from someone with a differing political viewpoint, but this isn’t a normal time and people do change/evolve.  That is much of the reason why divorce occurs.   Is America’s Toxic Political Discourse Fueling Divorces? We’ve written previously on the “all in” problem in American politics – in which partisans of diverse ideological inclination have become rigidly inflexible in their worldview (and righteously impertinent in their tone). The latter we don’t really care about all that much … people’s tone is more a product of their personality than anything else.  And the last thing we want to do is tell people to lower their voices.  We come from the “stop whispering, start shouting” school of political engagement – because in most cases that’s the only way to be heard. Our concern is rather over people who have become incapable of being convinced – even when the truth of an issue is staring them in the face. Willful blindness, so to speak … But is the increasingly contentious political debate in this country seeping into other areas of our interpersonal interactions? Yes, according to a recent survey of members of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML).   Forty-one percent of AAML members reported that the current political... read more

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