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Child Support Amnesty Project Great Start for ND, Can Texas Do It?

Child Support Amnesty Project Great Start for ND, Can Texas Do It?


North Dakota announced an amnesty program for past due child support which, to me, sounded better in headline then in actuality, but reality had to kick in.   There obviously can’t be any kind of forgiveness as no one owed child support will forgive child support payment arrears.  You’re dreaming if you think your ex would do something along those lines.  But while forgiveness of child support payments is out of the question, there are some good points to the program.

If a North Dakota citizen enters into the child support amnesty program, they will get credit toward past due paid and will get any license suspensions dropped.  It sounds like a good idea.  At least someone is trying to do something.  But the reality is that this, like other amnesty programs like the Texas DWI Surcharge Amnesty program, is a public relations gimmick that really isn’t going to solve anything.

To solve the problems of arrears, real legislative changes are necessary.  For example, eliminate arrears prior to DNA test where the father doesn’t meet presumptive status.  That would probably end a substantial amount of arrears.  I also find that taking away a driver’s license is counterintuitive to getting money since most need a license to get to work or to simply be employed.  A lot of the punitive measures are a bit of cutting off one’s nose to spite their face.  It’s time for a change and at least one state is thinking about it.

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