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Are you headed toward a divorce?  Do you have visitation issues?  Child support issues?  When in need of a Fort Worth divorce & family lawyer, know The Miers Law Firm is dedicated to families, both our own and our clients. No matter what type of case you have, your family will be impacted. Most often the direct impact comes with Family Law issues. The Miers Law Firm helps clients throughout the Fort Worth, Dallas, and Denton areas with all types of family law matters, such as divorce, child custody, visitation and support matters.


Too often in modern legal practice, cases are passed off to paralegals, green associates, or temporary contract attorneys. Mitch Miers will handle every aspect of your case. You know that when you come to Miers Law for help, you will be dealing with an attorney who works with honesty and integrity.

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Fort Worth Divorce Attorney and Tarrant County Family Law Lawyer

As a family law attorney, Mitch Miers will handle all aspects of divorce and family law in courtrooms throughout North Texas including, Tarrant, Dallas, Denton, and Collin counties. Our North Texas divorce practice addresses the various issues that must be determined by a settlement agreement or court order.

At The Miers Law Firm, we put our experience and ingenuity to work for our clients. We rely not only on professional experience, but personal experiences as well. We also utilize a network of professionals to create solutions so that we may ease the worries that family law issues may bring.

We have the capacity to handle the complexities of marital property division, child support, spousal support, parenting time (child custody and visitation), and more. We also handle problems that can arise after a divorce has been finalized. These matters can include child support arrears, modifications to family court orders, and parental relocations. Other family law areas include paternity, assistance with situations involving domestic violence, and prenuptial agreements.


Highly Respected Attorney

Our counsel is highly respected and sought out. Mitch Miers has been asked to comment on legal situations to North Texas media. Mitch Miers has also been named a Top Attorney in Fort Worth, Texas Magazine in 2012-2014.  In divorce and whenever family disputes arise, we encourage clients to consider alternative dispute resolution. However, we do vigorously protect our clients’ rights in court when alternative methods have been exhausted.


Fort Worth Divorce & Family Lawyer

Whether your case requires assertive negotiation, mediation or vigorous representation at trial, Mitch Miers has the legal knowledge and courtroom experience to protect you and your interests.


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The Miers Law Firm will put the experience we have acquired across different legal disciplines to work in your family law case. If you are worried about how a past criminal indiscretion may affect your case, for example, we can help. Call our office at (817) 831-3100 or contact us below to schedule a free initial consultation.


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