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As a child of divorce, family law attorney Mitch Miers knows what you are your children are facing. Ending your marriage does not mean ending your relationship with your children. The Miers Law Firm will help you make important decisions and protect your rights. Divorce attorney Mitch Miers is dedicated to guiding clients through divorce and child custody matters to reach positive resolutions.


Will my spouse take my children from me?
Who will get to keep the house?
How will I support my family on my income?

Ending a marriage involves making important decisions. The Miers Law Firm will give you honest legal guidance about your situation and help you make decisions on the critical issues you are facing.  Mitch Miers will work to get you the right result in the most efficient way possible.  If the other side is not willing, we are more than ready to go to trial on your behalf.

Regarding child custody, the Miers Law Firm and the State of Texas recognizes that children have a right to a relationship with both parents. Not every parent has a 9 to 5 job and may be dealing with unique work hours and living situations. We will help you with a custody and visitation plan that allows you to enjoy a relationship with your child after divorce. If you were never married but are facing separation,  you still have a need for a family lawyer to settle custody and child support disputes, or for guidance on paternity and DNA testing.



An agreement between you and your spouse to end the marriage is only the beginning.  You may have a different idea than your spouse on where the children will live, which car goes to whom, and who will be owner of the house. The complex process of Divorce becomes even more so when your marriage involves a high income, valuable assets, or even a retirement account. You want to be secure that you will receive an equitable distribution of property, that you will receive regular support payments for raising your children, or that will have the opportunity foster a relationship with your children after divorce.


Fort Worth Divorce Lawyer Mitch Miers has experience satisfying the goals of his clients in the family law realm. Whether you are ready to file for divorce or if your spouse has initiated the divorce process, Tarrant & Dallas Divorce Lawyer Mitch Miers will work with you to solve the complicated issues of child custody, child support, and spousal support.


If you are facing a more complex separation, contact Family Law Attorney Mitch Miers for a free consultation. The purpose of the consultation is to identify your goals and pinpoint any potential obstacles in getting the result you want in your Texas divorce. Fort Worth Divorce and Family Law Attorney Mitch Miers can discuss any potential issues such as parental rights, custody/conservatorship, and division of community property. If you decide to retain Miers Law Firm as your divorce attorney, we can we can start the process immediately after meeting.

Depending on the circumstances of your divorce, your property will be divided equitably between you and your spouse. To reach a fair division of property, we will work hard to determine what property is separate and what is marital.

The Miers Law Firm is dedicated to helping families in Texas. We recognize that it is important to negotiate with your spouse about these issues. The Miers Law Firm is willing to bring your case to the courtroom, but it is often less emotionally and financially taxing to resolve issues in an amicable manner with the guidance and experience of a Fort Worth/Dallas divorce and family law lawyer.

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