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Family Law

Fort Worth Family Law Attorney and Divorce Lawyer Mitch Miers can help with divorce, child support, custody/visitation issues, and adoptions.  We can also handle protective orders and other issues in the family code including juvenile issues.   Family law is changing rapidly and The Miers Law Firm will fight for what you deserve in a divorce or other family law issue. Learn more about Divorce and Family Law attorney Mitch Miers.  Learn more:

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DWI is the most common arrest police officers make and not all stops are lawful. Getting arrested for DWI does not mean you will be convicted. If you are looking for a Dallas or Fort Worth DWI Lawyer, they can help you through the process.  Furthermore, you may not even lose your driver’s license.  Consulting with a DWI lawyer can separate fact from fiction.  Fort Worth DWI Lawyer Mitch Miers has spent years defending the accused in all types of DWI cases including breath and blood cases.  Call Ft. Worth DWI attorney Mitch Miers and let The Miers Law Firm guide you through the legal system. Learn more:

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Criminal Defense

Arrested for possession, theft, assault, or another offense? Fort Worth Criminal Defense Lawyer Mitch Miers has worked all types of cases as a criminal defense attorney.  A criminal conviction can affect your career, your relationships, your life.  No matter the issue, let The Miers Firm be your Fort Worth criminal defense attorney and put you in the best position to move forward. If you are looking to fight a charge and are in need of a criminal defense lawyer, call Miers Law now. Learn more:

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Personal Attention For Your Legal Matter

Clients are the focus of Miers Law Firm.  Mitch Miers takes the time to explain your case options and answer all questions you have. You will never be rushed in speaking with our personnel.  Miers Law phones are monitored 24 hours a day so that an attorney is within reach.  We can walk you through your family law, DWI, or criminal defense issues.  At the Miers Law Firm, our clients have our attention.


Affordable Rates & Reasonable Payment Plans

Need an affordable lawyer?  Cost should not be a barrier to quality legal representation.  You should be able to have an experienced lawyer.  Miers Law understands that most legal expenses are unexpected and offers payment plans that are convenient for you.  We want to resolve your case in the best way for you without great expense.


Experience That Your Case Deserves


Miers Law Firm is experienced in our areas of practice. As a Fort Worth DWI Lawyer, Fort Worth Criminal Defense Attorney, or Ft. Worth Divorce and Family Law Lawyer, we aim to solve your legal problems and give you peace of mind.


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Fort Worth Family Law & Criminal Defense Attorney Blog

5 Topics You Need To Discuss With Your Divorce Lawyer

5 Topics You Need To Discuss With Your Divorce Lawyer Great article from Huffington.  In Texas, spousal support is rare, but support to children is not, and we do need to discover if spousal support is possible.  I love articles like this that divorce clients and potential divorce clients can read and see a road map to an initial family law attorney meeting. 5 Topics You Need to Discuss With Your Divorce Lawyer By Vikki Ziegler When clients first contact me, they are often highly emotional, and understandably so. Divorce is complicated. Whether they arrived at their decision after months or years of thought or found themselves forced into the process after discovering their spouse was cheating, time and time again I watch them grapple to make sense of the life change they face. Compounding their struggle are the financial and legal issues involved in dividing marital property. To advocate on my clients’ behalf and negotiate the best possible settlement for them, it is important that I have a full understanding of their financial picture as well as their short-term and long-term goals early on in the process. Though it may mean some forethought and legwork for clients at the outset, their investment will pay off, resulting in less billable hours and a comprehensive agreement that protects them now and in the future. As you prepare to meet with your divorce lawyer, here are five areas on which to focus. 1. Property. Marital property refers to any property the couple acquired during the marriage. It can include but is not limited to the marital home, cars, furniture, jewelry, furs, and... read more

What are Bond Conditions and Do I Have to Obey Them?

What are Bond Conditions and Do I Have to Obey Them?   Before defining what bond conditions are, let me go ahead and say “Yes, you have to obey them,” so it will begin to sink in.  Bond conditions are the tiny things you must or must not do while you are out on bond.  If you do not obey your bond conditions, you could be sent to jail until your case is resolved. What are some of these things you ask?  Let’s take a DWI case for example.  It would not be uncommon to have a bond condition to not drink alcohol or have a monitor placed on yourself or vehicle if your blood alcohol content was high or you have a prior DWI arrest or DWI conviction (I had a client with no prior convictions but 3 DWI arrests within 2 months – judge placed interlock on his car).  Also, commit no new offenses.  That means if you get arrested again, the judge will revoke your bond.  S/he will probably grant you a new bond but in Tarrant county, they will usually double the old bond.  Not following the judge’s conditions can cause problems. If you get caught drinking or violate the ignition interlock, you might go to jail for a weekend while your case is still pending.  If we need a favor from the judge in a plea deal, your actions in violating a bond condition could have an effect on the outcome of such a request.  Basically, when you get arrested, and are out on bond, lead a quiet existence until the mess is over.... read more

A Brief History of Divorce

A BRIEF HISTORY OF DIVORCE   With the debut of HBO’s new show DIVORCE, the topic of divorce is coming up in the national media.  Time magazine posted this article (reprinted below) and you can find other relevant pieces throughout the internet.  One thing I found surprising about the article is the rise of divorce in the 19th century.  My parents divorced in the 1970s and they seemed like pioneers at the time.  As a lawyer I found out the State Bar of Texas did not even have a family law section when the 1970s began.  Family law was not a specialty. I thought it was in the 1980s with L.A. Law and divorce specialist Arnie Becker was a top producer at the drama’s firm. If you are going through divorce and I would have no recommendation on the new show DIVORCE.   I saw a news video with a group of females.  Two were married, one single, the other divorced.  The divorced woman found the most humor in the show.  Alas, it has only been one episode so that is also why I hesitate  to give an opinion.  But, it has brought us the divorce history below. A Brief History of Divorce in America: From Legal Rarity to Dark Comedy Ashley Ross The legal concept of “irreconcilable differences” dates to 1969 Sarah Jessica Parker’s return to television on HBO’s Divorce follows the story of a woman as she uproots her life with the hope that liberation from a 17-year marriage will solve all her problems. The series not only sheds light on divorce, it makes light of it, too. But the history has not been kind... read more

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