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Hurst DWI Lawyer Mitch Miers can defend your rights if you have been arrested in Hurst, TX.  Mitch Miers of the Miers Law Firm is located in Hurst, TX.  The Miers Law Firm is conveniently located for clients just off of Pipeline Road and 820.

Hurst DWI Lawyer Mitch Miers has worked cases involving the Hurst Police Department.  Whether it is a DWI breath test, DWI blood test, drug possession, assault family violence, or theft, Hurst criminal defense lawyer Mitch Miers is ready to take your case and begin the process of defending your rights.

If you have any missing property resulting from an arrest with the Hurst Police Dept. you may contact them at:

Hurst Police Department: (817) 788-7146

City of Hurst


If you have been arrested in Hurst, TX, you will be taken to the Euless City Jail as of March 2015.

Your arrest will be handled through the the Tarrant County Courts located at 401 E. Belknap in the Tim Curry Justice Center.

Tim Curry Justice Center


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